The Adventures of The Fuji Warrior

  1. My Golden Rule

    Date 09 Feb 2017
    This will sound corney, however, at the risk of ridicule, I will state that I do not leave home without at least two decks of cards, my iPhone and at least one of my Fuji Cameras, usually the X100T. This is my day to day “moment catcher”. I have been caught many…

  2. A World of Colour

    Date 06 Feb 2017
    I live in a world of Colour, this is how I see, my eye is drawn to Colour. Some images come alive because of Colour. Sometimes, the Colour feels flat, almost non existent, contrast can lift the Colour out of the gloom. The above images were in Colour however, I saw the…

  3. A Taste of Venice, On My Doorstep

    Date 05 Feb 2017
    I have not yet travelled to Venice, until that day comes, I can enjoy Little Venice right on my doorstep. This is a very enchanting place to live, 10 minute walk from my home, a further 10 minutes to Paddington Station. Along the way, a canal full of intrigue and…

  4. January come and gone

    Date 03 Feb 2017
    Well, it is been a fast paced month to this new year, January has disappeared like one of my magical illusions. As I look over the images from my X100T, I can place my movements and activities over the last week. It has been great; coaching students, business presentations and filming new…

  5. A Space for Miracles

    Date 31 Jan 2017
    I am a Professional Magician and really love presenting my show to the public. A live performance cannot be beaten for the shared experience and intimacy that gets created - I love it. I really love the time before the audience takes their seat, like the moment when I took this photograph.…

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