I spent the day in Cambridge yesterday with my friend Ruth Amanda and her daughter Nola. It is always lovely spending time with them. This trip was special because I had my X100T and XT-1 ready for action. Most of the images were caught with the X100T and Wide Angle Conversion Lens attached.

I start shooting right away when I travel. Anything that catches my eye gets recorded. I love these two images - I caught them soon as I got off the train.

  Reflections of fellow travellers and the train driver.

The Catholic Church

I love photographing Churches - the interiors are full of colour, mysterious and the light vs contrast adds a context to the environment. I was very impressed by this church.

The Market

The Market Place added a real dynamic to the town with the Castle adding a wonderful backdrop.

Amsterdam by another Name

Cambridge is famous for its University and there are Bicycles everywhere

The Human Element

These two moments caught my eye - the lady in the red coat I saw in my mind as a selective colour treatment I am happy with this shot. Two students enjoying a chat. 

A Punt on The River

This is another treat that makes Cambridge well worth a visit, especially in the summer. A Punt on the river can take you to the University where there is another iconic Bridge and view.

A Portrait of Cambridge

I had my X-T1 paired with the 56mm lens and I was eager to capture a portrait. This gentleman was most accommodating. He works as one of the Boat handlers on the river. 

The image below is of my friend Ruth. I think I like this 56 mm lens - it does the job really well.

A Strange Feeling

There were moments walking around Cambridge when I felt like I was on the set of a Harry Potter Film. It had that strange Hogwarts feeling about it

A Students Life

I saw her legs and then her book - I took the shot. She was drawing the building across the road. I think she caught me.


I enjoyed my short visit to Cambridge.

Ruth was telling me that is really buzzes during the summer, the weather transforms the places into a really social environment. I will definitely return. 

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