The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Harrow-on-The Hill

    04 Feb 2023
    I enjoyed the day out today in Harrow-on-The Hill. Getting there should’ve been quite easy from Baker Street. However, the trains were not running today so I had to get the Jubilee line all the way to Wembley Park and then the Bus replacement service. No big deal, I was…

  2. My Natural Vision is Back

    02 Feb 2023
    I was very happy when Zain, my DPD delivery man dropped off my Box today. My XF18mm F2 has been repaired by Fujifilm Uk. I am over the moon; I love this Lens and have missed using it. This Lens is over 10 years old; there is a new version…

  3. The Adventure Begins

    02 Feb 2023
    Every adventure begins with a willingness to take the road less travelled. To see new things, to be exposed to new and exciting realities. As a Photographer / Image Creator, I am constantly looking for new and refreshing points of view. For me, this new adventure is about becoming even…

  4. Brand New Context

    01 Feb 2023
    Henri Cartier Bresson proceeded Malcolm Gladwell by several decades; he said “your first 10,000 images will be your worst”. Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his Book”Outliers”, “ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.” It has taken me 10 years of daily practice, shooting, reading, refining, more shooting to understand…

  5. February 2023 - Reset

    01 Feb 2023
    Street PhotographyMy DefinitionFirst and foremost, I consider myself a Photographer.It’s that simpleIn 2013, I set out to fully learn, understand and master how to create an image using this little magical Box called a Camera.This is the foundation upon which my entire photographic identity stands. To define Street Photography is…

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