The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Little Venice Canal Cavalcade 2024

    2024-05-05 14:54:58 UTC
    The May Day Bank Holiday is here and The Canal Cavalcade is back. This yearly event celebrates life on The Grand Union Canal. This means the people who live on Boats, sail along The Grand Union and moore their Barges and Boats at Little Venice. This event is colourful dynamic…

  2. Covent Garden | A Visual Paradise

    2024-05-04 19:13:01 UTC
    One of my goals as a photographer is to create images of my home that I have never seen before. I get very excited when taken by a moment, an expression, gorgeous scenery and life. Having lived in London all my life, Covent Garden is like a new Paradise everytime…

  3. R&G | 33mm

    2024-05-02 20:35:04 UTC
    Back to 33mm again. The Viltrox 33mm is an excellent Lens. I enjoy using it. The images render with pleasing impact. My preference is to use this Lens in full manual mode along with my camera all settings, fully manual. This is because in Aperture priority, I notice my exposure…

  4. Refinement & Finessing

    2024-04-29 22:12:16 UTC
    The 35mm FrameI love this Frame.It is perfect.It is the trade off sweet spot for my eyes.My wide angle vision is not normal - I am right eye dominant and see almost panoramic. This means seeing a lot of visual real estate for my images.This means I see in Layers.Anything…

  5. Street Photography

    2024-04-27 08:11:47 UTC
    What is Street Photography? I have read many subjective opinions on this question. I hate labels. I am Photographer and I have reached a level of competency, confidence and effectiveness in my creation of images. This means images of any subject. As a Photographer, I have a camera with me…

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