The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Emotional Content

    30 Oct 2019
    The title of this post reflects my current awareness. My images now are full of emotional awareness. This means my emotions are full engaged with my subjects long before I choose to create any Images. Very often, the light, the context, the shape and design will catch my eye. In…

  2. Street Portraits

    28 Sep 2019
    Portraits of strangers on the streets is not easy. Being shy about approaching strangers only makes this discipline harder. It’s worse for me because I am deaf. When I lost my hearing my world collapsed. That was it - my entire frame work of communication came crashing down. Once I…

  3. Quiet Desperation

    11 Sep 2019
    I was deeply moved by this moment. He was younger than me. With the world on his shoulder. A man and his Dog walked passed, each in their own world. I realised the Dog wasn’t his. The Dog was restless. I observed this sentient being confused and desiring attention. This…

  4. Working The Scene

    10 Sep 2019
    How do you know when you have created a decent image? I have read many tutorials about not settling for your first shot. Work the scene. These images above were all created with this conversation in mind. Here are a few more: I was practicing with my Manual Focus Lens…

  5. In the Zone

    08 Sep 2019
    The image above was shot at: ISO 400, Aperture F22 with a Shutter Speed of 1/2500 with a -2/3 exposure compensation. I also preset my Focus to 2 Meters - this resulted in a deep front to back sharpness of an image. There are a lot of Bicycles in Maida…

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