The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. X100 | A Magical Marvel

    2023-05-31 14:45:51 UTC
    If the best Camera in the world is the one I have me at any given time, then seeking the latest and greatest upgraded marvels is pointless. Can you tell what Camera I used for this colourful display of Cars? I will save my answer for then. It may surprise…

  2. A Moment of Appreciation

    2023-05-29 20:57:12 UTC
    The X100F has been surpassed by The X100V. The V is sold out everywhere. This means it has become a hot commodity. My introduction to the Fujifilm ecosystem was the X100T - I loved that camera. It went all over the world with me. I sold off some gear to…

  3. Memories of Amsterdam

    2023-05-21 12:25:59 UTC
    I visited Amsterdam many times over the last 10 years. I love it there; the life style and energy appeals to my sensitivities. My neighbourhood has started to remind me of Amsterdam of late. It’s because of the Bicycles every where, everyday. It has become as common as Amsterdam to…

  4. My Neighbourhood

    2023-05-13 11:38:12 UTC
    My Neighbourhood begins with my Coffee shop. This is where you find me most mornings at Billy’s. There are many Coffee Shops to choose from. The images above reveal all the Coffee Shops in my Neighbourhood, all within walking distance from my home. I find the Coffee Shops a perfect…

  5. A Wonder To Behold

    2023-05-12 05:01:05 UTC
    I have been enjoying using my X-Pro 1 again this week. Paired with The XF50mm F2 makes for a very effective partnership. As Camera technology marches on with impressive features, this old piece of gear continues to surprise and delight me with its rendering of gorgeous images. My confidence has…

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