The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 10 Years Old

    09 Jan 2022
    January 9th 2012 was a landmark moment in the photographic industry. Fujifilm took a leap of faith and released to the market place The X-Pro 1. Who would have known at that time what this would become? Fujifilm did. They did not rest on their laurels. At the time of…

  2. SFS: Just Enough Light

    08 Jan 2022
    I didn’t think much of this moment when I created the image. It was a reaction shot because, I want to see how well my XF 18mm F2 handled low light. On reflection, I saw a bit of a narrative. I sat with it and explored the message in this…

  3. 2022: A Brand New Day

    01 Jan 2022
    A Happy New Year. It certainly feels different. The big clean up begins. Discharged Trees Empty Streets. The transition from old to new is very subtle and yet I allow myself to be still just enough to feel whatever my inner guidance needs to process on this new day of…

  4. 2022

    01 Jan 2022
    My first post for the years begins with an acknowledgement. First to my mother. It’s been a tough year in 2021 but we got through. To live through it has been a blessing and a miracle. My Photography has matured a little. I have been enjoying The X-Pro1 with my…

  5. SFS: Seeing Deeply

    31 Dec 2021
    Seeing deeply is a big part of creating a story in a single frame. This moment was created on Westminster Bridge. It was quite chaotic - lots of people on the Bridge. I saw the man kneeling and felt this in itself would be interesting. And then, The man behind…

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