The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Deeper Understanding

    2024-02-10 22:12:20 UTC
    Studying Photography these last 14 years has revealed to me the beauty of intimacy. Getting close figuratively and literally is what makes the image, the moment come alive. Animals don’t keep still long enough to move in close and be safe. And yet, getting close is a requirement. A long…

  2. On Going Study

    2024-02-07 20:12:11 UTC
    Having my Camera with me at all times is a must. It’s reached the point where I cannot forget to leave it. My Camera is like my keys, it’s with me, a big part of me. Photography is about documenting my life. My life is all about what happens right…

  3. New Vision 2024

    2024-01-23 22:07:08 UTC
    A new fresh way of seeing and creating images is my goal for 2024. I am a documentary image created so this means seeing the story unfold, paying attention to what is happening right in front of me. Questions. What is the narrative of life right now. Vision equals story.…

  4. Christmas in Poland

    2024-01-08 20:46:37 UTC
    Christmas in Poland with The Fuji X-System & XF16-80mm F4The month of December will forever be a reminder of my mother’s transition. She passed away on December 6th 2022 .2023 has been a year of profound adjustments in my life. Two things kept me steady during my long dark night…

  5. Simplicity

    2023-12-12 21:51:00 UTC
    My photography has reached a very interesting point. I don’t need much gear. Yes, I succumbed to the addiction of more and yet, I know I can now create happily with something as simple and humble as the 50mm Lens. I like the 50mm. While it’s not my favourite or…

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