The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Visual Vocabulary

    30 Nov 2022
    Singular Theme Subjects can be documented with a 50mm Lens. This mean a tight Frame around the subject with enough breathing space. I am looking at the environment now as part of deepening my understanding of Visual Vocabulary. 18mm/28mm on my Fuji/Nikon is my natural wide Frame. This is my…

  2. Humanism | All The Worlds a Stage

    28 Nov 2022
    This famous qoute by William Shakespear sums up Humanism in Photography for me. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts” On the stage of life, we play many roles.…

  3. Humanism | Relationships

    27 Nov 2022
    At the heart of the human condition is the desire for significance.Significance is one of the most critical human needs. Tony Robbins puts this human need at number 3 after Certainty and Variety.Our relationships with each other is a fertile ground to explore the depth of our capacity to love…

  4. Humanism | Love & Compassion

    21 Nov 2022
    Love & Compassion is the great message right now. I have been looking after my mother since mid 2019. It has been the most difficult period of my life. This experience has taught me all about love, compassion, service and humility. To love, be loved and demonstrate love is part…

  5. Humanism | The Individual Revolution

    17 Nov 2022
    Humans have survived 1000s of years of one revolution after another. The most profound revolution was the ability to stand up and walk freely. This meant survival, growth and expansion for The Human Being. The Industrial Revolution meant The Human Being could express himself or herself through the context of…

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