I Love Birmingham

I have been coming to Birmingham many times throughout my career. Of late, I would say I have been back once ever three to four months. My friend Jin Lee lives here and we get together often. We have a mutual passion for all things magical and the craft of photography.
I was back here this week to discuss a project and to record a short video welcome for my YouTube Channel.

As always, I had my X100T with me primed and ready.

I did something interesting for this trip. I set my ISO to Auto with a max of 3200.

I decided to experiment with Shutter Speed Priority. 

My Shutter Speed was set to 1/250 sec.

I left the camera to work out the appropriate Aperture. I was more interested in action stopping images today like the Train coming into the scene.

The images below really capture the people of this lovely city at work, not rushing and yet intentional.

So, with all that in mind, what makes Birmingham so special?

Well, for one thing, it has a pace and energy so agreeable to me, compared to London. I love the laid back vibe and the I feel the people are friendly - a great place to start. The atmosphere is really gorgeous in the city centre. There are a lot of people, however, not as cramped as central London. It is a very easy place to walk around, relax and just chill.

The Cosy Club is exactly that, a cosy environment to just enjoy great company and chill.

The Christmas Market is active right now and it afforded some great moments for shooting. The light was great, very little clouds, so the sky was lovely and blue with the sun turnning the bricks of the old buildings nice and gold.

With a journey time of 90 minutes, commuting from London Euston makes it very easy and pleasurable. The new station looks futuristic and welcoming.

This magnificent building greets you in the main square where the Christmas Market is in full swing.

Buskers at work, members of the public, chilled, relaxed and just being at peace.

This is the atmosphere I have experienced with each visit. This is why I enjoy coming here.

Even the people have character.

Some moments are too irressistable not to shoot. I saw this lady in the red hat and knew my camera would capture her very quickly. I did not even see her face and yet I could feel her attitude and spirit.

The couple to the right look animated and enjoying themselves.

A Photogenic City

I am alway looking for angles in my shooting.

Birmingham is full of opportunities to create memorable images. 

I like this shot as it draws me right into the mood of the scene.

Grace & Charm

Birmingham City is full of charm and has an enchanting spirit.

I will be returning in 2017 for more photography.

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