I first encountered Jam during one of my local walks.

He was wearing a white suit and riding a Bicycle.

I quickly grabbed a Photograph of him and went along about my day. I certainly did not expect to see him again.

A few weeks ago, I was walking home with my mother and saw him again, he was immaculately dressed. My mother and I approached and had a conversation with him. I was blown away by his open charm and warmth.

We connected and have kept in touch.

Today was a very special day because we met up for a coffee and had a chat. I was keen to learn more about his colourful attire and attitude towards life.

Jam is from Somali.

He lives in London, in fact 15 minutes from my home.

He grew up in the UK - his father was Diplomat. Just from this alone I can tell he had traveled. Like me, he is now looking after his family with great love and dedication.

I asked Jam about his colorful clothing.

He told me: "one day I saw a photograph of man wearing very stylish clothing and thought I would like to do that. I just want to make people smile."

Jam wasn't thinking about himself and his ego, he was thinking about making others happy. Just from his appearance, looking smart wearing colorful clothing, he wants to have a positive impact on people.

There is more to this: I saw for myself today how warmly people engaged with him, even young people. He sits outside his coffee shop and the locals all know him.

This is a man with a million dollar personality.

He chooses to dress smartly and start his day the way most people dress up for a night out on the town.

This is his personality, it is not a fake ego trip.

There is no ego or pretense in Jam, this is his natural authentic expression.

Everything about his appearance and color choices matched. He carries it all with great class and dignity.

I came away from our conversation really lit up by his warm dignity and also, I did not trace the slightest hint of sadness or resentment about anything life may have thrown at him. If I had, I would have opened up that dialogue. This is how I roll. As a Photojournalist, I like to get under the hood of things to uncover the truth.

I will be seeing him again tomorrow, for now, here is my take away about Jam as a person.

I felt I have made a new friend.

I was attracted to the man in the White Suit, it was Jam the person, the man, The Black Man who touched my heart today. I was touched, moved and inspired by his generosity of spirit and his humanity.

More to follow

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