Life Style Shoot



A Voyage of Discovery

A Life Style Shoot is such an exciting process for me. I have to really take time to learn about my subject. What inspires them, how do they feel about life, family, passions, self expression?

What motivates them?

A Creative Relationship

This aspect of Photography is also about my self expression and my ability to relate to my client through the lens. I love learning about my them and there creative process. During this rapport building exercise, I am building the portfolio of images in my mind, long before the camera comes out to play.


Petra is a musician living and working in The Hague.

I was delighted when she asked me to capture her. I l discovered her passion for creating music and teaching. She has played music all her life and is part of her self expression. I wanted to capture her in such away that she projected confidence, approachability and a sense of warmth and vulanerbility.

A Creative Artist

Petra is a creative force of nature. Her passion for music goes back to her childhood. She was encouraged by her mother and today excels at the highest level of musical expression.

Photographing her was easy. My X-Pro 2 and XT-1  did not miss a beat. I alternated between two lens; the 56mm and the 23mm 1.4. This allowed me the flexibility with  XT-1 to capture the environment along with her expression.

Simple clean natural light to capture her in a perfect serene moment.

Using Format