Argentina - Showtime in La Plata

It was a glorious day to visit La Plata.

This was a lovely town just 45 minutes from Buenos Aries.

The purpose for this visit was to present my Lecture and my 30 minute Show - it was fantastic.

My friends and I enjoyed the city centre before visiting The Verne Magic Shop.

The La Plata Cathedral dominates the main city centre and rightly so - it is magnificent.

It’s one of the most famous cathedrals in the world. The grounds of the Cathedral provided a very deep perspective to creating strong images.

I was able to create images of people here quite easily - they were open and friendly and receptive.

The town centre was vibrant full of character and colour.

The Verne’s Magic Shop serves the entire Magic Community with its full range of products. The owner Michel is a brilliant magician.

My Lecture and show was well attended and received. I was happy, in spite of being severely jet lagged, it worked fine.

Creating images on the go has become a natural part of my expression. Argentina is a very photogenic country. I need to enjoy myself as well as create images because the time got distorted for me. I lost track of days.

In the end it became a blur of fun and celebration.

To be continued…

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