The Colour Purple

Understand Color in Photography.

 Today’s exercise in seeing Color has been about the Color Purple. 

 The images I created caught me by surprise because this Color is a little bit like playing hide and seek

 While I was committed to this process, I knew I had to relax and allow the Color Purple to……..SURPRISE……. me. And she did. 

My friend and teacher Bryan Peterson mentions that Purple is a very ellusive colour. I was not sure what he meant until I experienced it today. Purple is a very magical and mysterious Color, I felt like I was looking for gold. Suddenly, she appeared, like Magic, EVERYWHERE.

The Reticular Activating System needs time to assemble the puzzle, once completed, the picture is clear, the outcome easier to achieve. 

Trust the process. 


The will of the living force is on our side. 

It’s who we are. 

I love Purple. 

I will be featuring this colour in my wardrobe starting January 1st 2018. 💜💜💜💜

 All of these images were created with the amazing Fuji X100T - Aperture adjusted on the fly. Shutter Speed set to 1/125 sec ISO Adjusted as required. Image Copyright to The Fuji Warrior - Michael Vincent Photography 2017. All Rights Reserved

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