Fuji 14mm F2.8

Today, I decided to take my X-T1 one out paired with the 14mm F2.8.  I really love the effect of a wide Angle Lens and this little beauty really delivers.

It is small in size and weight and is beautifully balanced not he X-T1.

The secret to using a wide angle lens is all about foreground interest. This lens allows a close focusing for maximum depth of field which yields an amazing perspective on the overall image.

Shallow depth of field is also well catered for with the F2.8 Aperture. The close focusing is a dream with this lens. Using a dedicated macro lens is not required - the best of both worlds is achieved.

This combination of the X-T1 and 14mm is a lovely combination for dynamic action. 

Foreground interest pulls the eye right into the scene.


This Lens makes for a great environmental expression, sense of place and context when shooting people. Landscape is a no brainer.

This has a place in my camera bag - being ready for whatever may come.

A Perfect Combination

This is wonderful Lens.

I love it; seeing the world in 14mm/FFE 21mm is really dynamic and it produces a lot of force to the images I create. Images with impact is what I am after and this Lens pulls no punches. I must confess, I do not know enough about the mathematical computation of how a Lens behaves. All I care about is how I feel when using it. 

The Fuji System is light, so for me, the Lens must balance well on my camera and be invisible to my mind and hands during usage. I  want to focus on the emotional content, the shot and moment. This Lens is perfect for Travel, Interiors and Landscape.

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