Jam From Somalia

The Man in the White Suit.

A chance encounter today.

I saw the gentleman with the hat on and approached him.

I asked him if he wore white suit and rode a bike? He said yes. I told him I thought he looked amazing and that I took his photograph a few weeks ago.

He was super friendlily.

His name is Jam and he is from Somalia.

His entire demeanour was gentlemanly and ultra classy.

He was gracious enough to allow me to create two more images.

This series of images were created a few months apart.

The White Suit Images was created using my #XT1 and the #xf18-135mm.

Today, I used the Xpro2 paired with the stunning 35mm 1.4mm.

Street Portraits are easy.

It all begins with a “hello”, a smile, build some rapport, offer an acknowledgement and ask hoping for the “YES”.

#xpro2 #xf35mmf14 #streetportraits #portraitsofmen

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