10 Years Old

January 9th 2012 was a landmark moment in the photographic industry. Fujifilm took a leap of faith and released to the market place The X-Pro 1.

Who would have known at that time what this would become?

Fujifilm did.

They did not rest on their laurels.

At the time of release, The X-System continually received update after update which improved its handling and functionality.

If a Camera System is to make us photographers happy, then the Lens has to be of the highest optical standard.

This is one area where Fujifilm got it right.

The Lens line up over the last ten years has astonishing and magnificent.

The X-Pro 1 came with three outstanding Lens:

The XF 18mm F2

The XF 35mm F1.4

The XF 60mm F2.4

These three original Lens completed the kit for the X-Pro 1.

The XF35mm 1.4 stole the show with the most outstanding optical performance.

The XF 60mm F2.4 was criticised for sluggish auto focus and yet, it proved itself to be a scene stealer and superb optics for Portraits and Close-up imagery.

The XF 18mm F2 received less praise for its optical performance. It has become my favourite Lens. My feelings about this Lens doesn’t match or agree with the less than favourable feedback.

This Lens is superb.

So, 2022 marks a big Happy Birthday for The X-System. Today, it represents the highest standard in photographic equipment. Photographers around the world have enjoyed this and consistently produced stunning work.

This year promises to be something quite special.

The new Lens that have come out have already set tongues wagging about the next stage for The X-System.

I feel very happy being part of this story.

Thanks for reading

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