The Light of Christmas

Today, at The Embankment yealed great light chasing opportunities. This tunnel looked fascinating to me. I exposed by a few stops under to bring out the drama and the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope revealed.

I love how light brings everything to life. We are blessed by the generous presence of our Sun.

Covent Garden was full of light-tastic moments. I was actively searching for opportunities to underexpose the scene so the light would dance.

There was a lot of of people out today and my XT-1 caught some serious moments and action.

This final shot for today is an example of why I love shooting with my XT- 1 or X100T. I can visualise how I want my image to look long before the shot is taken. These cameras never let me down. The XT-1 and my perfect street lens, the 23mm 1.4 cuts through the light and delivers perfect contrasty images. Just the way I see it it in my mind.

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