The X-Pro 2 : A New Vision

I have been shooting seriously since 2013.

My camera kit back then was the Nikon D90, with a graduation to the D7100 and the awesome D750. I am not going to lie, I love those cameras, particularly the D750 and I still get a lot of pleasure using them to create my images and videos.

The Fuji X100T was the dawning of a new adventure with my photography. That little camera has been around the world with me and has seen some serious action. I am proud of the images I have created with it.

In 2015, I purchased the stunning XT-1; let me state right now that I am not connected to Fuji in any way, not yet at least. So my opinion on their camera equipment is based purely on my emotional response in using these amazing cameras.


I was in two minds as to wether or not to purchase the X PRO 2. The reviews and spec sheet appeared very impressive. Particularly the increase in resolution - 24mp WOW.

I saw some beautiful images created by other photographers and was amazed by the qaulity of colour, contrast and depth of impact. Well, as you can guess, I took the plunge and treated myself to this camera.

I took a few shots today, this last day of the year for 2016. A year that has been dark and gloomy where the human condition has been severely challenged by world events. Many of our heroes have passed on, leavening us to mourn and ponder the deeper meaning of life.

As I took these images using the XPRO 2, I experienced myself in a state of melancholy and yet, I experienced life through these images. I see that life continues, progress is also part of the human story. 

I choose to celebrate life and The Fuji Corporation for “The Keizen Spirt”. The act of Keizen is all about small incremental improvements to make our creative passions better.

I know I am not the greatest photographer in the world and I don’t want to be. My goal is to simply create beautiful images that speak to my heart. My Fuji Warrior Spirit is fearless in the act of image creation. I am choosing to create images that speak to our humanity and spirit. 

I am so thrilled with the XPRO 2, it is as close as I will come to experiencing how The Master Samurai felt after creating his Sword. A oneness with the instrument.

This is how feel about this camera and it has only been a few days. The seed was planted by The X100T and nurtured using the XT1.

I am excited about the future, for now, the living present is enough because these images I shot today are enough.

XPRO 2 paired with the 35mm f2

Straight out of Camera JPGs

Finaly, these images represent new hope, new vision and new possibilities. Photography is a metaphor for me of how life can be lived and expressed. Humanity, caught in the moment, the human condition captured in its full expression. The camera I use doesn’t get in the way. Like The Samura and his Sword, it is a part of the expression of life.

Happy New Year. X

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