A World of Colour

I live in a world of Colour, this is how I see, my eye is drawn to Colour.

Some images come alive because of Colour. Sometimes, the Colour feels flat, almost non existent, contrast can lift the Colour out of the gloom.

The above images were in Colour however, I saw the Colour as dull and flat. This meant one thing to me, Black and White. I don’t see in Black and White, I “feel” the absence of Colour so rather than make the best of a colourless situation, I convert to Black and White. I feel a whole lot better.

So finally, my relationship to Colour is one of emotional content and impact. I see it and I feel it. Like looking at a  Red Apple or an Orange.

Images captured with:

X-Pro 2 paired with the 35mm F2

Using Format