16mm F2.8 | Little Fella - Big Punch

My tiny 18mm F2 has stopped working - some connection error between the contact points on the Lens is no longer communicating with my Camera.

I am no expert on such matters - never mind

I have started using my Fujicron 16mm F2.8. This Lens is even smaller and yet, it punches above its weight.

The 16mm in Full Frame eq is the classic 24mm.

This is an epic Frame.


Full of depth and expansive.

24mm sits within my natural field of view - 18/28mm is my natural sweet spot because it represent a perfect Frame without too much Wideness. I can live with this 24mm because its within my Frame. I don’t like Cropping my Images on the computer - every pixel is valuable to me so I strive to get my composition right in camera before hitting the Shutter.

This Lens is beautiful; I see it as a documentary, street, reportage vision. People within the context of the environment.

This is not a Lens for Faces.

Full Length Portraits, yes.

This image above was created at 28mm - this exactly how I would use the 24mm.

For documenting life on the streets, it is perfect.

I like this Lens - albeit 2mm wider from 18mm - the field of view is much wider and results in a much more dynamic Frame. This means whatever I create begins with a worthy subject.

Thanks for reading.

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