2014 | The Lady and The Dolphin

I started my first experiments in Long Exposure Photography around 2014.

My Camera at that time was Nikon’s D90.

I really loved that Camera - I regret selling.

It delivered some of my best images.

At that time, I was studying with Bryan F Peterson through his Book “Understanding Exposure”.

My settings for Long Exposure was all Manual:

D90 Camera on Tripod with Sigma 10-20mm @ 16mm

ISO 200

Aperture F22

Shutter Speed 4 sec approx

I shot this Raw.

The Raw file looked flat and dull.

Once I started my Basic Edits in Lightroom, All the colours popped out of nowhere. It was very magical to me seeing this.

The end result is what you see.

I have done a fair bit of Long Exposure over the years. The results have been quite good.

Low Light Photography to me means a fast Lens, High ISO and no Tripod

Long Exposure means Lo ISO, good depth of field , Camera on Tripod, Long Shutter Speed.

This is all good practice because it expands my skill set.

Thanks for reading

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