2020 Vision | A Pure Moment

It’s seven years since I took Photography seriously as an academic study.

I have an obsessive disorder for books.

I love reading books on subjects I find interesting.

Photography is no different.

My Library has become mad.

This is fine because my books have made a difference to my education.

My studies in Flash Photography was a nightmare in the beginning, until I discovered books by Bryan Peterson and Neil Van Nierkirk.

My studies have given me new mentors whose images have inspired me.

Photojournalist are the unsung heroes in my opinion. They possess a courage to put the camera in uncompromising situations to record the human condition in all of its drama, genius and utter madness.

I push myself to do the same.

Seeking that expression of life in one pure moment.

A pure moment in a Portrait or a candid street scene is heaven to me.

Thanks for reading. X

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