2020 Vision | Choppin Trees

Ali was my hero.

Choppin Trees was a qoute he used when asked about his preparation for his fight with George Foreman.

This statement is a metaphor for doing something different in life to generate a different outcome.

This was Ali’s point.

Even during the fight with Foreman, Ali changes tactics because after the first round of jabbing and dancing, he knew he would not last long in the African heat of Kinshasa Zaire.

He invented The Rope-a-Dope to preserve his energy.

He won the fight.

I was 10 years when I saw this fight.

Now, at 56 years of age, life has been dealt a body blow with The Pandemic and Covid-19.

What are we going to do?

My Cafe is open again, my morning ritual is Cards, Cappuccino and Practice.

This sets me up for the day ahead looking after my mother.

When she sleeps, I let her be.

It’s a good moment when she is laughing.

I am grateful to Michael McIntyre for his jokes on telly.

My sanity and respite is remembering who I am for myself.

Magician, Photography & Storyteller.

This is what I do.

Thanks for reading x

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