2020 Vision | Classic Frame

Over the next few days, I am revisiting an old friend.

My first ever Fuji Camera was the epic X100T. This came with a fixed lens, a 23mm at F2.

This focal length translated in classic 35mm on a full frame.

I call this a classic frame because 35mm was the standard field of view for 35mm Film Photography.

It’s the start of Wide Angle but within boundaries of normal vision for scenes like Documentary, Street Photography, Reportage , Environmental and Portraits within a specific context.

I used by X100T every single day and became very attuned to this visual vocabulary.

Well now, I am back on this case study again with a specific context in mind - ENVIRONMENTAL STORIES.

I am looking for images about the environment that communicates something about the expression of life inside this visual context.

This new project will, I hope expand my vision.

I will be using my XPro2 and the XF23mm F2.

This Lens is very small but it’s vision is classic 35mm on my XPro2.

Already, I can feel the familiarity I once knew with my old X100T.

That Wide Context.

Seeing angles and lines.

Seeing a story within the frame.

Getting closer.

People within context of the environment.

Visual elements that contribute to the environment.

This new study is about reframing my visual stories, seeing the relationship between light, shadow, contrast and the emotional content of the scene.

I am excited about this new project because where I live is a very photogenic conversation.

Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.

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