2020 Vision | Engagement


Social Distancing.


Who can you trust?

This is the state of things.

All because we have been told to obey the guidelines.

I am deeply saddened because some of the people in my neighbourhood are now strangers to me. Their behaviour has revealed the truth.

I see and feel their fear in my presence.

I choose not to play that game.

Would you believe that I created these images only a few days ago?

How is this possible?

How can a street photographer create these images?

Images which project warmth, joy, trust and humanity?


I certainly couldn’t do it if I walked the streets with fear in my heart, or if I felt I couldn’t honestly express myself to complete strangers.

This is a serious conversation because I refuse to be a part of the heard mentality.

That is not my self expression.

Sure, I wear my mask in my Cafe because I have a respect for the people who run their establishment. This doesn’t mean I no longer communicate or express myself.

These images were created simply because these people saw me walking through my park with A BIG SMILE ON MY FACE.

“Why so happy”?

That simple question triggered a conversation with the lady. I showed her a card trick and at the end, I asked her if I could make a photo, she was all fun and games.

This images came about because my happy vibe triggered the gentleman in red to ask me about my camera.

Our conversation led to this Portrait.

What’s the secret here.

It’s really simple, there’s no fear in me when I am out and about, I do respect the laws and social distancing and yet, I find a way through to just be my natural self.

I will continue to be this way.

It’s who I am.

Every image I create……is a Self Portrait.

Thanks for reading


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