2020 Vision | Finding Heaven

Strange as it may seem, my little piece of heaven right now is found in taking care of my Mother.

My daily practice with my cards.

And, my creating images.

The Pandemic has forced me into exile so this means a week can go by with zero contact with people.

Sure, I see people on streets and document the expression of life.

Take that as a given - it’s who I am and what I do.

My intersections with people have diminished. When it happens, I have promised myself to engage with heart felt passion.

I was out creating the images above today near my home and struck up a conversation with Mahmoud and his friend Abdullah.

I showed them some card magic and two new friends made in a heart beat.

This interaction came about simply because these two fine men were friendly and open - so was I.

Generosity of spirit is the key to engagement.

It makes a hell of a difference right now because this pandemic has created a climate of fear.

I refuse to engage in fear.

I believe in life and people.

My little piece of heaven right now is my faith and belief that Papa G and JC have my back.

That’s all I need.

Thanks for reading x

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