2020 Vision | Intersection

I saw these sequence of images in my mind.

Four Shots.

Each image on a Street Corner.

Each corner reveals a facet of this traffic intersection in my neighbourhood.

I see this everyday; today the idea to create these images was a visual exercise in seeing.

My choice of Lens was the XF18mm.

This was a good choice because as a Wide Angle, it wasn’t too wide which would have pushed things further back.

I use the Traffic Lights as foreground interest to add a sense of depth.

My Lens only goes up to F16, I created each image at F11.

It was a very sunny morning.

The second image shows a little sun flare which is cool.

So, no real story to this post, just a visual exercise in Landscape Photography but on the streets.

So let’s call this….Streetscape Photography.

Thanks for reading

Happy Sunday. X

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