2020 Vision | My Piece of Heaven

One of my greatest joys is simply to go out and just walk with my camera.

Today, I met up with my friend Elin who is also a find Phoypgrapher. She came to my neighbourhood and we just went for casual stroll along The Grand Union Canal.

From my home, I live close to the lovely Bridge that crosses the Canal. It offers a perfect view looking towards Little Venice.

The Grand Union Canal offers a way of life for the residents who live on the boats.

It’s amazing to me how adaptable we humans are. Living here in this way demands responsibility and careful consideration towards comfort and safety.

Little Venice is a picturesque setting and environment. The Canal splits and leads north towards Camden and if you prefer, you can continue walking straight towards Paddington Station.

Along the way to Paddington presents many photogenic moments.

Camera at the ready.




All is quite since the Lockdown.

With only a few people about, the energy is present. People are still out making the most of life.

Finally, The Paddington Basin ends with the view of the end point flanked by the impressive Architecture along the Basin.

This is where I live.

I love this walk.

My Camera ready for this gorgeous moments

Thanks for reading.


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