2020 Vision | Their Finest Moment

The XPro1 and The XF35mm 1.4 is The Fuji Corporations finest moment.

Eight years ago, this Camera and Lens hit the Market place.

It endured a lot of flack due to erratic behaviour all of which got attended to with the Firmware updates.

This Duo has survived a market place with numerous upgrades stealing its thunder.

Xpro2 & 3 now operate in the spotlight.

While the new versions enjoy the attention in the spotlight, the original XPro1 sits quietly in the background hoping for a little love and affection.

Love generates more Love.


I love her as much as my X100T.

My X100T has gone to a new home and enjoying the loving attention of my dear friend Jin.

I document my daily life with this Camera. It’s my tool for creating visual stories.

Colour, Light, Expression, Texture and Moments.

I am beginning to understand why this Camera and Lens work so well together. I sense an authentic rendering of the moment. No digital tricks, it sees life as I do and presents it right back to me.

I can only marvel in astonishment.

All of these images were created using the XF35, XF16mm and 18mm.

I now know this Camera works perfectly with all my Lens.

The best surprise is my XF56mm

This Camera set the foundation for all the latest development. This eight year old technology still has magic and stardust.

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