2020 Vision | XF 16mm

It was a tough choice.

1.4 or 2.8.

It’s amazing how the size of a hole 🕳 in a metal tube can keep a person awake at night.

On my X System, I knew the 16mm would be a stellar optics.

I asked myself why do I need this Lens?

To tell stories.

This meant my images must have a strong opening gambit, a middle narrative and an epic final chapter.

This means an image with epic sharpness.

The 16mm gives me a full frame field of view of 24mm which is perfect fir my eyes. It renders beautifully without too much optical trickery.

My choice came down to one simply factor; maximum depth of field.

The 1.4 goes to F16.

The 2.8 goes to F22.

F22 is the magic number for me - that is the sweet spot for epic sharpness.

So, XF16mm F2.8 has become a very significant part of my tool bag. In good daylight, it produces perfect images at F22 where I need that dramatic composition with required front to back sharpness.

As the light levels drop, it’s no longer effective. This is where the faster 1.4 comes into effect for low light images.

This will come later.

For now, I love this tiny Lens.

The size and it’s ability is very deceptive.

A Wide Angle Lens is not about Bokeh, it’s about getting close to your opening chapter/foreground to pull the viewer into the narrative.

This is why I chose the 2.8.

Getting close is the secret.

The depth of field at F22 is truly marvellous.

With a pre-focus of 1 meter this ensures great detail.

Thanks for reading

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