2021 - Visions of Love | Dignity

Welcome 2021.

We are here together.

You and me.

What do you expect of me?

I expect nor wish anything from you this year ahead.

Whatever I desire I will create for myself.

I know what 2021 means to me.

It’s all about Love.

Every image I create will be about The Vision of Love.

I will know it when I see it simply because I will feel it.

I will feel the glory of Jesus and my images will reflect his Glory and Light.

2021, you have another agenda set by others to rob me and others I care about of our natural birthright.

What happened last year is just the prologue to hell on 🌍 Earth.

I found my little piece of heaven in Jesus, I see it and feel in my Mother.

This is where my year begins.

The Vision of Love begins right here at home.


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