My first post for the years begins with an acknowledgement.

First to my mother.

It’s been a tough year in 2021 but we got through. To live through it has been a blessing and a miracle.

My Photography has matured a little. I have been enjoying The X-Pro1 with my full Lens collection.

The X-Pro 1 has now become my everyday camera along with the original three Lens: XF 18, 35 & 60mm.

These three Lens are fantastic on this body. The X-Pro 1 celebrates a milestone this year becoming 10 years old in the market place.

It still delivers gorgeous images.

I have achieved a massive breakthrough because of this camera. I spent some time learning to properly edit my images in Lightroom. This is made a big difference to my confidence in shooting RAW. This is important because my JPEG’s are now created from Raw Files not in camera - good as they are.

I added the XF16mm 1.4 to my museum.

In doing so, I have taken an interest in photographing the interiors of Cathedrals. So far Peterborough and Winchester have been documented visually. Using the XF16mm in Low Light situations has been wonderful.

At night, my images look so different.

My confidence has grown shooting in RAW mode, exposing for Highlights. My editing of the RAW Files brings out incredible detail in the Shadows. I can make artistic choices during my edits.

I made a new discovery.

My iPad Air talks to my Camera so this means I can edit on the go which is fantastic. Lightroom on my iPad is really excellent.

All the images in this first post for 2022 feature the last images for 2021. That’s ok because the look and feel fresh as part of my ongoing journey.

Thank you for supporting my blog.

Happy New Year

Stay Happy.

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