2022: A Brand New Day

A Happy New Year.

It certainly feels different.

The big clean up begins.

Discharged Trees

Empty Streets.

The transition from old to new is very subtle and yet I allow myself to be still just enough to feel whatever my inner guidance needs to process on this new day of 2022.

One thing is certain, THE MATRIX is real.

We are caught in this fake system.

The tragedy is, there is no way out. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.

AI has won the battle - it didn’t take long.

Our minds have been ensnared.

Covid has our bodies.

What does this mean?

Quite frankly we are fucked.

It’s only a matter of time before we wake up.

We had a choice to the truth or remain ignorant - RED PILL VS BLUE PILL.

Look around you and see for yourself.

Are you hopefull ?

Optimistic ?

Life goes on

For who?

For what?


We shall see…

Whatever it means,

Happy New Year


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