21st Century Communication.

When I am out and about, my senses are on high alert for a photographic story.

Life is full of chaos and I am training myself to feel the mood and rhythm of the streets. 

Underground, the chaos can be mad, however, in this sea of chaotic drama, I feel the power of peace - it is then that the moments, the stories communicate with me. 

When you look at this image, what story does it tell? 

How does it make you feel? 

I see a story called 21st Century Communication. 

There was a time when strangers spoke to each other and spoke about……..the weather. 

A prologue to a more meaningful conversation. 

Now, iPhones and evening news has won the battle for our attention. 

I see deeper into this story just by the expression on the faces. 

My passion is to capture our Humanity …..in the moment,

Mike Vincent Aka The Fuji Warrior 

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