Street Portraits

Portraits of strangers on the streets is not easy.

Being shy about approaching strangers only makes this discipline harder.

It’s worse for me because I am deaf.

When I lost my hearing my world collapsed.

That was it - my entire frame work of communication came crashing down.

Once I started learning to Lip Read, I began practicing with everybody. A new light of hope presented it self.

My camera and self expression began to work together.

I discovered an angle in approaching people.

Firstly, I don’t force it.

I allow my self the gift to feel the situation.

Take for example the image at the very top, the lady with the Violin.

She was Busking on a busy high street, people were passing by not paying any notice.

My camera was set:

F11, Auto ISO, Aperture Priority with Manual Focus Set to 3mm.

I tipped her hat with £1.00

I said to her; “I am sorry, I am deaf, I wish I could hear your music”.

That was it - that was the hook that initiated a five minute conversation about Music, Busking and my Camera.

Are you a Photographer? She asked.

Yes I am.

She started posing for me.

I created one of my Trade Mark Portraits with all my subject. This I do after I have shown them some magic.

My process for Street Portraits is rooted in authentic conversations where people feel I care and I really do.

I have had a few people say NO.

That’s ok.

For me, it’s important I ASK.

I will not allow myself to let the opportunity to pass without ASKING.

Asking with a sincere intention opens doors to Photographic possibilities.

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