Emotional Content

The title of this post reflects my current awareness.

My images now are full of emotional content.

This means my emotions are full engaged with my subjects long before I choose to create any Images.

Very often, the light, the context, the shape and design will catch my eye. In this moment, my emotions will kick in asking me an important question of me.


The image above communicates lifestyle to me, Champagne Llifestyle.

I love classic cars - Aston Martins, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, my road is The Motor Show every day.

Beautiful Women.

I can’t help myself.

I love Photographing Women.

I get excited when I create an image of a Women that reveals her authentic beauty.

One thing I cannot stand or will not tolerate is any Woman acting up in front of my camera.

This is a waste of time.

It is my responsibility to establish rapport and deep connection with all Women long before my camera comes out to play.

This can take seconds or it can take time to warm up, the magic in this is honest conversation.

Emotional content is about accurately interpreting my feelings in the moment and honestly expressing myself through my camera.

Every image I create is a self portrait.

The image of my friend Dominique, above, is also about me.

We connected instantly because I made it clear to her how beautiful I felt she was. I told her, her beauty to me went deeper than her looks. I could feel her spirit, her love, her vivacious passion and a subtle hint of vulnerability.

Finally, my images have now taken on a new dimension.

Seeing, feeling and questioning myself before creating an image has opened up an new point of view.

Being a visual storyteller is my dharma.

My self expression with my camera includes one more element…….YOU.

I hope my images stop you in your tracks and ask a question of you.

How do you feel❤️

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