30 Days with the X-Pro 2 and the 35mm

I have just completed a thirty day project shooting with the X-Pro2 and the 35mm 14 Lens.

This was inspired by Andrew Gibson - Andrew wrote a blog about this amazing Lens and I realised I had not really given myself the opportunity to experience how good it could be for my vision and expression. 

Check out Andrews website it if full of great articles on the Fuji X System.

Let me say, this is all I used for a thirty day period and it was AMAZING - I love this combination. This X-Pro 2 is MY FAVOURITE CAMERA IN THE WORLD. 

Excuse this over emphasis, I needed to get this off my chest. I am privileged to own and use the Nikon D7100 & the D750 with whole range of Nikon Glass. I love these two specific bodies when doing SPECIFIC work.

This Camera and Lens combination can handle any project. 

The images above were captured to test how well I could create Portraits of people. This taught me where to stand in relationship to my subject. The 35mm focal lengths translates to 53mm on a 35mm Full Frame Sensor. The extra reach due to the crop factor gave me additional room to work with.

Zooming with my feet to create the look I was after was required. I am 100% confident with this combination for capturing faces - the X-Pro 2 is gorgeous, the 24 MEGA PIXELS is a dream, the camera has film simulations for rich tones and contrast.

The agility and quickness of this camera and Lens meant candid and posed shots were caught instantly -  I have no problem using the Auto ISO and Aperture Priority when I am not in the mood for being too technical with my shooting. Some days were just about observing and being with life as it showed up. This Fuji Combination supported me in capturing great moments.

Capturing the Urban Landscape of West London with this set up worked beautifully, I did find myself want to go a little wider at times so I forced myself to make it work and create a shot that was pleasing to my eye. Sometimes you just have to make it work. I Travel a lot with my day job and if I only have this set up, I know I can create a wide angle shots by by executing mini Panoramas or shoot using The Brenizer Method. 

Technique is everything with the tools you have.

Confidence is everything to me as a magician and photographer. Nothing inspires more confidence in me than knowing that I have perfect tools in my hand to do the job required. The X Pro 2 and 35 mm is a wonderful combination for the visual artist.

Finally, I shoot with Nikon and Fuji.

I kept my Nikon because they make the best Flash Guns in the world and I love the Creative Lighting System.

My jury is still out on finding a suitable Flash for my X system.

Nevertheless, I can use my X System Cameras with confidence and security knowing that I am 100% responsible for creating the shot. The X-Pro 2 and 35mm works for me and I know I can Travel the world just with this gear in my bag and come home with magical images.

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