I cannot express in words how I felt when Elvis died.

I was 13 years old.

The last time I felt that sad was when my Uncle Elmo was murdered.

I am sharing this personal story because Elvis is back.

A new film about the life of Elvis has been playing to stunning reviews. This makes me happy.

Very happy.

The posters on the sides of Buses has triggered strong feelings for me.

Austin Butler who plays Elvis has captured the raw vibe and spirit of Elvis - I can feel the spirit of Elvis being channeled into this Film through Austin.

I cannot explain it any simpler.

This is wonderful because Elvis left us too soon.

This film brings to life the spirit of a man, blessed with voice that touches your soul right to the very core.

The only other singer to impact me this way was Sam Cook.

There is no doubt in my heart that Elvis was loved by many. I hope this film inspires a new generation to appreciate his music and contribution.

Elvis is back.

Thanks for reading

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