35mm CF | A Little Piece of Heaven

Learning to appreciate what we already have is a required skill right now.

The information age has completely rewired our brains. This is the age of unlimited pattern interruptions, Dopamine Hits, excessive consumption and instant gratification.

With my mother in hospital, holding onto life, I ask myself, “what is the point, what do I truly value right NOW, where do I go next”?

On the way to the hospital, I created these images; when I arrived at the ward where mum has been for the last week, she looked at me. The expression on her face gave nothing away. I held her hand, she responded by hold my hand with both of hers. This moment meant the world to me. This communicated everything to me.

I have had an acute experience observing the insidious, silent power of Dementia. It has robbed my mother of her lucid cognitive expression, the ability to swallow food has become a daily challenge, not to mention losing control over all bodily function.

To hold her hand was to experience a little piece of heaven in a moment.

My Camera allowed me to be still and present to life.

During this difficult period, I accept it.

Its still a beautiful life

La Vitta Bella

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