35mm CF | X100F - Same Frame

The X100 Series is a remarkable achievement by Fuji Film. Its 10 years since the original caused a sensation.

I came into The Fuji Film Eco System around 2014 with the X100T. The T being the third iteration - I loved that Camera, I documented my trip to South Korea with it. That’s how stunning this Camera is.

My Classic Frame studies at 35mm is a perfect match for the X100 because the Lens is bolted onto the Camera. Its a 23mm F2 Lens and it is a perfect piece of engineering. The performance and image quality is top draw.

This final part of my Project is an ode to The X100 Series.

The X100F - just this Camera which I have used for the last two days.

Here are some wonderful moments all in glorious 35mm.

So, this project is a wrap.

The Classic Frame is wired into my nervous system.

I am contemplating my next visual study.

Thanks for reading.

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