Portrait Moments

This moment was Frame worthy for obvious reasons.

My documentary instincts kicked in and……..Snap.

He nodded and as he passed me by and  I smiled.
A few moments passed by when I saw him approach me. He asked if he could see the Photograph I took and loved it. He asked me if I could send it to him.

We got chatting and I asked him if I could create his Portrait with my Nikkor 105mm F2.8. This Lens is a dedicated Macro Bugs & Butterfly Lens. I was never sure about its potential to be Portrait Lens, I AM NOW.

Tom looking damn cool - the 105mm F2.48 is wonderful, the compression, color contrast and depth of field pop with vivid expression.

I am greatfull to this moment because it is encounters like this which strengthen my faith.

It’s 10 months since my Mother died, I am on my own now. Life is different for me as I create a brand new context for my life.

Being a Photojournalist & Magician keeps me grounded in faith, the goodness of people, goodness in myself and hopeful that my life can serve a greater meaning and purpose to myself and those I care about.

Speaking of my Mother, I created this Portrait a few days ago.

This gentleman is Bert, he is my mothers best friend. They went to school together in St.Lucia.

I see him every morning in my local cafe. He is one of the few reminders left for me of my mother.

Last week, we were in our Cafe enjoying our morning Coffee, we chatted and I asked him if I could make a photo of him. He looks very distinguished, dignified and spiritually serene.

Before signing of this journal entry, allow me to introduce you to Rodric.

Rodric and I connected on Instagram. After messaging back and forth he told me he would be in London and wondered if I would create some headshots for him. I jumped at this opportunity because his Instagram reveals a successful business and author. His Book MillionaireFlipFlops has consolidated his global brand and he asked me to create his photograph. This last week has blown me away.

I am very proud of this his image♥️

Finally, I love photographing my dear friend Heather.

Every image I create of her reveals even greater depth of serenity, kindness and generosity of spirit.

I am really feeling my life again.

Through my craft of magic and my camera, I see my life through my audience and through the people I meet and photograph.

My life is entwined in theirs.

All of my hopes and aspirations come through how I serve and contribute to the wellbeing of others.

Thanks for reading.

“Every image I create is a self portrait”.

Michael Vincent

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