40mm | My Wider 50

It’s only 10mm.

That shouldn’t matter.

But it does to me simply because my eyes are not 20/20 like most people.

The extra 10mm I get from using my 40mm verse using 50mm comes with some amazing benefits.

The image above could easily have been made with my 50mm. I was standing in a good position to create this Frame.

Look at this image below.

This Frame looks and feels no different to me than if I had used a 35mm Lens. Yes, I was standing on the other side of train platform when saw this Frame in my mind. I love the width of it.

And this one below.

This image was shot with the camera at my side. I don’t like shooting from the hip, it lacks discipline and creative intent. I got lucky because the 40mm and the extra 10mm worked in my favour.

It gave my subject a little dignity.

The 40mm can behave like a 35mm when presented with a wide scene that has depth, it can tune in on detail as well a context worthy of Framing.

Take it from me; 40mm is a wonderful Frame. It doesn’t make me feel lazy in not using a 50mm. In fact, those extra 10mm has given me confidence and a deeper appreciation for why the 50mm is so revered. I am not giving up my 50mm. It has a very special place in my Photography - all of my Lens do.

The whole point of this project has been to deepen my vision, refine my seeing and creative composition and consolidate the vocabulary of all my Lens into database of knowledge.

I have decided to use my 27mm/40mm on my X-E3. It’s a small camera and light - doesn’t attract attention. I will use this in conjunction with my X100F which has a fixed 23mm Lens. This Camera I have my WCL on it which gives me a field of view equal to 29mm - that is my nice wide Frame.

This two Camera set-up makes for a fantastic day trip out of London kit. I will carry one extra Lens, the XF50mm F2; this will be for Portraits.

Those two bodies and Lens allows me to see as my eyes do.

Thanks for reading

“Every image I create is my vision of my world. See the world through my eyes”.

Michael Vincent

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