On Going Study

Having my Camera with me at all times is a must. It’s reached the point where I cannot forget to leave it.

My Camera is like my keys, it’s with me, a big part of me.

Photography is about documenting my life.

My life is all about what happens right in front of me the minute a leave my house.

My photographic vision is now rooted in seeing people within the environment I find myself in and picking out details that reveal a human narrative.

My choice of Lens covered an interesting range of options from wide to very long.

My vision and mental database is now tuned into the appropriate focal length for a given subject.

When I am home I normal stick to wide Lens fro 16mm up to 35mm - in Fuji terms that’s 24mm 27mm, 35mm or 40mm | that’s my wide Frame. Once I hit 50mm, I know I am not focused in seeing in a refined way, seeking out detail.

The 50mm field of view is my normal vision on my Fuji - this is 70mm in full frame. It is perfect for singling out a subject.

This on going study is all about refining my vision and using my focal length with confident precision.

To be Continued.

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