56mm - The Sword of The Warrior. Day 1

The Fujinon 56mm is a Lens I have not spent much time with. All that is about to change. I am dedicating a week of Street Photography using my XPro2 and the stunning 56mm

It has begun.

I love it…

It’s as sharp as a razor blade wide open.

The field of view is intimidating. I am experiencing an intimacy which pulls my eye right into the action.

No room for shyness with this Lens.

Like The Samurai and his Sword, it has to be used with certainty and intention.

The beauty of this Lens is the simple fact it was designed for wide open creation. The 85mm field of view in Full Frame terms means it is designed for faces, compression, people and gorgeous separation from busy backgrounds.

Bokeh Magic

I am sending a week of pure adventure with this Lens.

7 Days with the 56.

All images straight out of camera in Acros Monochrome.

Stay tuned.📸👍🏽

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