A Day in Amsterdam

It is important to me to revisit places I have photographed before. Each time, I feel differently about what I see.

Vision and emotional content go hand in hand for me - I see myself as an emotional shooter. My emotional response to a moment is powerful when I see something worth capturing.

Amsterdam is full of such moments, hence my return visit to celebrate my birthday.

When I arrived at Amsterdam Central station, I dropped off my luggage and allowed my inner muse to guide me, I took an easterly walk along the back alleys and observed the Amsterdam rhythm of life. 

I loved it.

I felt somewhat…..invisible, and yet……very present. I was surprised how easy it was to shoot people…….just being themselves. A few shots were caught using misdirection so I passed unnoticed which was just cool.

I believe a city comes alive through its people. Amsterdam is full of characters which really adds texture to the culture of this very open and free city. A city full of self expression, people just allowing themselves be whatever they choose.

I plan to return in the Summer and explore this eclectic city even more. 

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