56mm - A Lens For The People Day 3

The Fujinon 56mm F1.2 is a Len’s for the people.

The image about was created today and has confirmed to me beyond doubt that this optic has magical stardust in it.

56mm equates to the classic 85mm field of view in Full Frame terms. What sets this Lens apart is the compression power at F1.2

The Depth of Field is dreamy magical.

The separation causes a beautiful depth, impact and visual weight on my subjects.

I have mixed feelings about using this Lens in Candid Shooting.

It is sharp and dead on point for Candid Moments. My artistic eye is geared more towards “Conversational Portraits”.

The images of my mother and my new friends Aseya and Khalid is living proof that this a great conversation and this magical Lens go hand in hand.

Thanks for reading x

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