A Month of Introspection

Fallen tree

This has been a dark month, emotional - the shadow of death has hung over me like The Dementors. My happiness has been challenged and I see this reflected in my shooting. If every image I create is a self portrait then you will see the world through my eyes of sadness

I felt no joy in shooting these images, I saw moments and took the shot. I guess the point of photography is to respond to what is happening before me and yet, I am present to the emotional space I was in when I took these shots. I see people enjoying tea, the elderly just “being”, a lady and her two dogs, life just goes on.

The beauty of photography is the simple fact that a photograph can be created irrespective of how one feels. When a person is sad and introspective and they take a photograph a part of me feels the energy gets transferred through the camera and the final image. Life goes on, and getting out of the house with my camera in hand meant, I continued to live through my passion. 

Taking photographs and performing magic remind me that life goes on.

Life reveals to me its presence through people, environment and sharing. The three images above were captured while waiting for a friend, a wonderful photographer named Elin Robinson. We met, and just walked the streets of London taking photographs as we went along. This was the perfect pattern interrupt for my mood.

Capturing life along the way – feeling the rhythm of the streets, and people just living.

It’s a beautiful life, and the end of life as a big part of the rich tapestry. We laugh, we cry, we experience despair, and yet that is part of living.

Finally, there’s one thing to remember, don’t forget to love. 

Give and receive.

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