A New Expression

Over the Bank Holiday, I experienced a new expression in my image creation.

It was perfect weather for a nice walk.

I decided to document a the three Bridges that cross The Grand Union Canal.

The Grand Union Canal starts at The Paddington Basin and cuts right through Little Venice with a detour towards Camden - the main artery of The Canal treks all the way west towards Oxford.

I live right in the middle between a Little Venice and Westbourne Grove.

I started my walk at The Harrow Road End.

I decided to test The Fuji XF 18mm F2.8 as my Wide Angle option. This Lens was paired with my work hours XT1. For detail images I had the Viltrox 33m 1.4 paired with my Xpro2.

Two Prime Lens on two bodies felt perfect as a street kit.

It felt right and extremely comfortable switching between wide and normal vision. In fact, I didn’t have time to stop and think, it was a very fluid shooting experience.

The next Bridge I approached was at Westbourne Park. This landscape features the iconic Trelick Tower and Meanwhile Gardens.

This area is extremely photogenic.

Along the way, with the Canal to my left, I created a few images with the Viltrox. I mentioned in my last post how this has become my favourite 50mm Lens.

I was now at the half way point on my walk. It was mostly scenery with the A40 Motor Way above me.

The last Bridge for my walk was Warwick Avenue. I decided to stop at this point because I have created numerous images of Little Venice.

I really enjoyed this walk.

The experience was perfect and I now know what my shooting process is going to be when heading out for a long walk.

Two bodies definitely.

Because I am now sold on the Viltrox, that will be my go to Lens for everyday shooting. I love the 18mm field of view so depending on the weather, it will either be the Prime or a Zoom.

My Fuji Museum is complete and I have good choices depending on my subject matter.

Here are a few more choice moments.

Thanks for reading.

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