A Reason to be Happy - Carnival 2017

The Nottinghill Carnival was in full swing this Summer.

After The Grenfell Tragedy, West London needed a lift of happiness.

Carnival  did not disappoint.

There is something about the resilience of the human spirit after a tragedy that inspires us to get back up and make the day after a little brighter than before, that is all we can do.

The spirit of Carnival is all about Community, Community Spirit.

The Carnival would not be the West London icon that it is without the passion and dedication of the people who bring this event to life.

It was feature rich for my camera - the one thing that caught my eye this year was the Police controlling the flow of people, it was madness. 

Single file of people crossing the Bridge at Westbourne Park.

These images where caught on the Sunday, so  I had more freedom of movement. 

Monday was hell and I don’t like crowded.

This collection of images represent Carnival 2017.

The atmosphere was lively, noisy and jolly.

The healing has begun.


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