Is Life Empty & Meaningless

I almost missed this story.

I want to thank my friend Serenia Taylor for point this out to me.

She said and I quote: ” Beautiful pictures Mike & great post w/your pictures & your words, you bring so much of your world into mine (feels like I am there always). I do however find it fascinating that the girl who’s portrait is being drawn is still attached to her phone & not actually in the moment. I just had to get that out lol. I find it very sad Mike but it is how people are living their lives today. The pastor even spoke on it a few times/cellphones/facebook as far as letting it take over your life & replace the most important thing which is actual human interaction/contact/conversation”.

This is such an insightful observation from my friend. 

When I saw the man drawing the girl, I saw the shot and took it. 

There are two stories in this image; an artist at work, creating something meaningful and the girl completely oblivious to this amazing experience she is actually contributing to. I should have stayed and watched her reaction to the image drawn because she certainly wasn’t being present in this moment, her phone and texting was far more interesting to her.

Have we lost the point of life?

Has technology taken us so far away from the true purpose of our existence?

What is the purpose of life?

Is life truly empty & meaningless?

What do you think?

I have an opinion.

The purpose of my life is to love, create, contribute, serve and hopefully leave something of value behind that can inspire others long after I am gone.


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