A Taste of Venice, On My Doorstep

I have not yet travelled to Venice, until that day comes, I can enjoy Little Venice right on my doorstep.

This is a very enchanting place to live, 10 minute walk from my home, a further 10 minutes to Paddington Station. Along the way, a canal full of intrigue and mystery. Boats moored, home to people who have chosen a different point of view of life.

My vision is to embrace it all with my X-Pro 2 paired with the amazing 16-55mm F2.8 Lens

I have lived in this area all my life and it is still full of surprises. The juxtaposition of urban life, canal water ways, city office blocks makes for a fascinating view of how humans have transformed this environment.

I will visit Venice this year because it is on my Bucket List, I love being near water and the Canal of Little Venice, The Paddington Basin provide a majestic backdrop to my neighbourhood. 

The real Venice can wait…….just a little bit longer.

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