A Wonder To Behold

I have been enjoying using my X-Pro 1 again this week. Paired with The XF50mm F2 makes for a very effective partnership.

As Camera technology marches on with impressive features, this old piece of gear continues to surprise and delight me with its rendering of gorgeous images.

My confidence has grown with the editing of the Raw/RAF Files coming from this Camera. This has made a big difference to the look of my images and also, how I create and expose my images in Camera.

The X-Pro 1 continues to inspire me.

I really like the simplicity of its functionality and how it all works. The Exposure Triangle is effortless and the sensor delivers perfect files.

I love photographing People, their Portraits and lives. The X-Pro 1, being a slowish Camera forces me to slow down and really contemplate how I document people. This is a good thing because this consideration shows up in the finished image.

The X-Pro 1 today is a tool for creating contemplative images. I love this because it means I am taking my time to see, to feel, to appreciate all of life that occurs right in front of me.

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“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life”.

William Morris

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