Advent in Zagreb

It is a special time of year here in Zagreb. This is part of the new year celebration, The Advent. Consider it a Croatian version of Winter Wonderland that we have in Hyde Park.

I just walked around town with my friend and brother Vladimir and just caught some photographs of the people, the atmosphere and the general vibe of the place. It is a lovely way to celebrate the new year.

All of these images have been shot using the X-Pro 2. There is something very special about this camera. I am photographing people and I might as well be invisible - they  just aren’t paying attention. This camera is perfect for stealth mode shooting. Pure candid moments that capture the scene without breaking the mood.

It is a cold night, however, the Hot Dogs, Cheese and Mulled Wine are doing a great job keeping us warm.

As always, I am paying attention to the light. Tonight, it is all ambient lighting from different sources: Street Lamps, lighting from Hot Dog Stands, Stage Lighting from the Big Band, Lighting Decorations on the Trees. I am using spot metering to ensure good exposure and shooting wide open on the 35mm F2. The ISO is 3200.

I am challenging myself to be a lot more bolder with my people shots. This camera has come into my life at just the right time.

Stay tuned, more to come from my time here in Zagreb, a city full of hidden secrets.

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