Argentina-A True Master

Another early start to catch the morning coach to the Ferry Port back to Buenos Aries.

I was tired beyond measure, severely jet lagged and seriously shaky.

I don’t travel well so this extra two days of travel did me in.

I got back to my apartment in Belgrano and just slept.

It was a day off to relax so it was fine.

I created a few more images later that day.

Later that evening we head out to spend the even with Pablo Zanatta.

Pablo is one of the finest magicians I have ever seen.

Truly graceful hands and sensitivity mixed with fearless execution.

I was thrilled to meet him at his home.

I had a strange feeling I knew him.

Ever had that feeling meeting someone for the first time?

Our rapport was gentle and mutually respectful.

He was familiar with my work and I felt humbled by his gracious humility.

This meeting concluded my second night in Buenos Aries.

It would be another early start because we had a really long drive to Tandil in the morning.

This would be a truly moving experience for all of us.

To be continued.

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