Argentina - Tandil

Tandil is a beautiful place, a five hour drive south of Buenos Aries.

That’s on a good day.

A bad day could mean up to seven hours, especially by coach.

This enchanting place is the home of the legendary magician Rene Lavand.

I appeared on television with Rene at the start of my career. He is and will always will be a great inspiration to me.

When Rene passed away three years ago, the world of magic lost a great master. His magic was sublime.

Visiting his home was a dream come true.

My friends and I enjoyed traditional ASADO with friends of his.

We also got to visit his tribute in the city centre - a very dignified statue.

There was a moment in this trip that left me still. It was the experiencing the statue of Jesus on the hill.

This was very moving for me.

I traveled thousands of miles and this experience will stay with me for the rest of my life.

My friends and I left Tandil the following morning after hike in the forest.

It was a a perfect way to end this glorious experience.

Rene Lavand traveled the world and he always came home to his beloved Tandil.

I now understand why.


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